Yoshi's Wooly World is a game for the Wii U. It was originally called Yarn Yoshi. It is 2.5D, and was made by Good-Feel. It is the first Yoshi game since Yoshi's Story. It has a similar art style to Kirby's Epic Yarn, which was also made by Good-Feel. It takes place in Craft Island. In it, Kamek turns the Yarn Yoshis into Wander Wool. Two are unaffected, and they have to save the others. The playable characters are Green Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Light-Blue Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Orange Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Black Yoshi, and White Yoshi. The allies are Huffin Puffin, Poochy, and Egg-Plant.


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