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Wii Wheel

The Wii Wheel

The Wii Wheel is an accessory that comes in different colors that you can place the Wii Remote in to make it feel like a real steering wheel. The Wii Wheel is most famously known for its attribution to the game, Mario Kart Wii. It is an accessory and comes with the Mario Kart Wii game, with no cost to buying it. The wheel is used to do things that the Nunchuk or the Wii Remote by itself can't do, such as tricks on the game. There are other kinds of wheels that Nintendo made for the Wii, which came out before this Wii Wheel. The Wii Wheel also gives you a better experience during gameplay, and also gives you compatibility with turning and other statistical criteria. The Wheel is white, with a round shape, and a slot to put the Wii Remote in. There are other slots under the Wheel to put the B Button in, and the Wii remote strap to tie around your wrist. There is supposedly a new Wii Wheel coming out in the later part of the year, with a better grip on it.