Mario Kart Wii VS Icon

The icon for VS

VS, standing for versus, is a single and multiplayer mode in quite a few of the Mario Kart series (all but the first game, Super Mario Kart). It allows 1-4 human players to race on a single console in any of the unlocked tracks.

Mario Kart WiiEdit

VS mode (low quality)

The lowest quality VS mode picture you will ever see.

The VS version in Mario Kart Wii can be played by a total of four people. Game rules can be set, such as what CC, CPU difficulty (if you can't take the heat), course selection, Items, and race count. The option of inducing teams, Red Team and Blue Team, can be chosen, with 6 characters on each team.After players choose their Characters, Karts, and Drift mode, Player 1 can select any of the maps that have been unlocked (16 tracks in at the start).

The races are just like Grand Prix, but depending on the number of player, the screen can be split into halves, or quarters (the extra screen on 3 player shows different angles of drivers throughout the race). The higher the score, the more points you earn.

Whichever player or team scores the most points gets the second portion of the Award Ceremony, as well as a trophy that is forgotten about right afterwards...

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