Tips, Cheats And GlitchesEdit

Quick start

When the countdown starts, wait until the “2″ begins to disappear, then hold 2 to get a boost at the start of the race.

after you die (fall off) hold accelerate (1 or A) the second you land.

How to Avoid POWs

  • If you do a trick on a jump you can completely avoid a POW block item's effects.
  • if you 'hop' on (karts or bikes) tap drift ( B or 1) or wheelie (on bikes) which then creates a blue circle around you you loose youre items but you do a spin and back to driving!

Dodging Red and Green Shells

To dodge red shells, put a banana behind you, by either dropping it there or holding it there. When the red shell collides with the banana, its effects will be nullified, allowing you to proceed with the race unhindered. - or if you are next to a sharp turn and a red shell is chasing you, turn really sharp and the shell will collide the wall leaving you safe

Funny Glitch

stand backwards in front of a thwomp (the angry squares) and watch the turtle in the cloud get squished!

Dodging Blue Shells

A good technique to utilize when trying to dodge blue shells targeted at you when you’re in first place is to use any type of mushroom. Specifically, use the mushroom when the blue shell begins to rise over you to avoid its blast. Timing is the key! - you can also go into a cannon (or the arrows in dk park way which jumps you over the river and island but still...) (or the star thing in rainbow road)

Everyone Plays the Same Character If you and your friends want to play as the same character in splitscreen multiplayer, try the following.

First, one person should select and then deselect the character everyone wants to play as. The next player should select and then deselect the same character. Repeat as needed for as many players as you have playing. Then, go back one screen, reselect the character selection screen, and all players should have their icons on the same preselected character.


The following are some key Mario Kart shortcuts. Please reverse directions if playing on mirror tracks.

  • Maple Treeway - Between the start line and the first corner veer to the right. You will see a dirt path in a gap in the fence. Drive through here to find boost pads and extra boxes. This shortcut drops you out right at the warp jump point.
  • Maple treeway near the end - after the metal net turn left or right (i use left) till you see a path way and go in

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