Super Blooper/Turbo Blooper
Super Blooper image
Yoshi in the Super Blooper
Size Medium Weight
Speed 50
Weight 40
Acceleration 35
Handling 37
Drift 21
Off-Road 54
Mini-Turbo 35
Unlocking One Star Rank or higher in 50cc Leaf Cup

The Super Blooper is an unlockable Kart exclusive to Medium weight drivers. This vehicles design is based off of a dangerous underwater enemy in Mario games, the Blooper ( the name also derived from this Character). The Drifting is what this Kart mainly suffers from, but good Speed and Off-Road statistics help this to be one of the most often used Time Trials Karts out there.


With a very flat body, the Super Blooper is mainly white all over the body. In the back juts out a couple of twin boosters lined with a couple of stripes. Between the two small wheels of the Super Blooper are striped, tentacle-like projections that protrude about 1/2 a foot. Just above is the racer's logo (side of the door), and above that is the driver's seat. On the hood is a design like that of a Blooper's black eyes. The end of the Kart is slopes in but is very blunted, probably for safety reasons.

Color SchemesEdit

Peach, Turbo Blooper

Princess Peach in her pink Turbo Blooper.

  • Mario: White body, red stripes, dark blue tires
  • Luigi: White body, green stripes, dark blue tires
  • Peach: White body, pink stripes, pink tires
  • Daisy: White body, orange and yellow stripes, orange tires
  • Yoshi: White body, blue stripes, green tires
  • Birdo: White body, purple stripes, red-pink tires
  • Diddy Kong: White body, red stripes, red tires
  • Bowser Jr.: Golden body, dark green stripes, red tires
  • Male Mii: Gray body, black stripes, dark blue tires
  • Female Mii: White body, blue stripes, burnt orange tires



Yoshi, Super Blooper

Yoshi in his Super Blooper, along with the statistics.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 50
Weight 40
Acceleration 35
Handling 37
Drift 21
Off-Road 54
Mini-Turbo 35

Mario Kart TriviaEdit

  • In Europe, the Kart’s name is the Turbo Blooper. No rhyme, too bad.
  • The Super Blooper moves its side tentacles when it is boosted.

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