Standard Bike S
[[Baby Mario on Standard Bike S|100px]]
Baby Mario on the Standard Bike S
Size Small
Speed 39
Weight 21
Acceleration 51
Handling 51
Drift 54
Off-Road 43
Mini-Turbo 48
Unlocking Default

The Standard Bike S is one of the default bikes available from the start. It has generally good Acceleration, Handling, Drift, but its major setback is the Speed, which is pretty predictable for a small Bike. Because of it's Weight, it can only be selected by small Characters.


Like all Standard Bikes, the Standard Bike S has a basic frame with a slightly raised seat, a small exhaust in the back (for those nice Mini-turboes), and blue tires. In the front is a small panel that displays the driver's insignia. Depending on the racer, the bike can be a variety of colors, including red, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, brown, light blue, etc.

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