Sprinter Kart
A character in its Sprinter
Size Medium
Speed 80/80 (225 mph)

(301 kpm)

Weight 65/80
Acceleration 35/80
Handling 37/80
Drift 40/80
Off-Road 39/80
Mini-Turbo 75/80
Unlocking unlocking 24 expert staff ghosts

The Sprinter, known as the B. Dasher Mk 2 in Europe and Asia, is one of the fastest medium karts in the game. It looks like a classic race car, known as a Formula One, and is unlocked by unlocking 24 expert (fast) staff ghosts in Time Trial mode. The successor to this kart is the B Dasher, which appeared in Mario Kart DS. It is one of the fastest vehicles in the game, and its bike counterpart is the Sneakster.

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