Retro Cups
The Shell Cup is a representation of four cups in Mario Kart Wii (and Mario Kart DS), each of which is taken from the previous Mario Kart games. Shell Cup's symbol is a Green Shell and it features tracks from previous Mushroom Cups and Flower Cups. The tracks are usually quick and simple. It is the first of the four Retro Cups.

The gold Shell Cup trophy as it appears in Mario Kart Wii

The Shell Cup consists of 4 courses.

1. Peach Beach - This course is from the GCN (Nintendo Gamecube).

2. Yoshi Falls - This course is from the Nintendo DS.

3. Ghost Valley 2 - This course is from the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

4. N64 Mario Raceway - This course is from the Nintendo 64.

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