Wii Cups

Wii Cups

Retro Cups

Retro Cups

In Mario Kart Wii you will unlock Cups as you win them. Each cup has 4 courses to race in. Each race track has a rank of level.

Wii Cups

Luigi Circuit: Dead Easy. Moo Moo Meadows: Easy! Mushroom Gorge: Easy Enough. Toad's Factory: Okay.

Mario Circuit: Very Medium! Coconut Mall: Medium! DK's Snowboard Cross: Medium Enough. Wario's Gold Mine: Alright.

Daisy Circuit: Fine. Koopa Cape: Large! Maple Treeway: Big! Grumble Volcano: Sort of hard.

Dry Dry Ruins: Not really Hard. Moonview Highway: Stressfull. Bowser's Castle: Hard. Rainbow Road: The hardest thing ever!!!

Time Trials

In Time Trials you ride the same tracks, but on your own. You will have to beat your recent time to get of what you call it: Expert Staff Ghost Data this means you have beaten your time WAY before you last finished. To get Expert Staff Ghost Data you have to: Beat Nintendo's time trial AND finish WAY before your other Time Trail.


In each race track there is a shortcut, watch the Youtube Video to see some shortcuts, try them out and gain your Expert Staff Ghost Data
Mario Kart Wii - Shortcuts for Every Course07:39

Mario Kart Wii - Shortcuts for Every Course


Expert Staff Ghost Data

An Expert Staff Ghost Data is something where you do a course VERY quick you can use many shortcuts that you have discovered.
Someones Rainbow Road Time Trial02:56

Someones Rainbow Road Time Trial

Top 10 Time Trail

If your fast enough you could be in the Top 10 worldwide rankings!!!!

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