Quacker image
The fun-looking Quacker
Size Small
Speed 32
Weight 17
Acceleration 67
Handling 60
Drift 62
Off-Road 48
Mini-Turbo 57
Unlocking Beat the 150cc Star Cup

The Quacker is a small bike in Mario Kart Wii. It has the highest acceleration, lowest weight, and great other stats. Besides the Mach Bike and Flame Runner, it is a remarkable bike. It is shaped like a duck, hence the name, with wing-shape exhaust pipes. It has almost spherical wheels, which come in handy with drifting. It is the third sharpest-turning bike in the game, next to the Mach Bike (1st), and the Bullet Bike (2nd). It is unlocked after beating the Star Cup 150cc.

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