GCN Peach Beach

GCN Peach Beach is the first track in the Shell Cup and has an easy difficulty. The track starts out on a brick road, then leads to a road of sand, which immediately splits into two paths, separated by a body of water. If you go left, then you will find a boost ramp with Item Boxes. If you go right, you will just find a straight path with several Cataquacks. The two paths split back into one then you will find more Cataquacks and a gradual left turn up a brick hill with more item boxes, leading to the finish line.

Tip: When taking the right path it's good to have a Mushroom because the water slows you down. Also, make sure you don't touch the dark parts of the water, that's out of bounds. And to avoid the Cataquacks try not to drive too close to them. If you get too close they'll chase after you.


This appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash for the GameCube a few years ago, and there are no changes at all to the course, besides a shortcut at the beginning being taken out.

The beach is near Peach's castle, which lays in the Mushroom Kingdom. It's on the docks of the Mushroom Kingdom, and there are several levels in other Mario games similar to this course.

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