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Moo Moo Meadows is the second course in Mushroom Cup, and second course overall. It is a relatively easy course, but it does have various obstacles.


The player begins in a straight-a-way to item boxes. Then you take a left turn, to the path with cows that you must avoid. Next, you take another left turn, a quick right turn, and you can jump on a ramp and do a trick. You then take a short left turn to the path with grass patches, avoiding the Monty Moles digging and jumping up. You can go on a speed-boost ramp to go faster. You then take a short left turn to finish your lap.


  • You may go through the grass any time to cut some land off of your time.




  • Along with SNES Ghost Valley 2, this is the only other track to not have a tournament.[[Category:Wii Course
Moo Moo Meadows
Mkwii MooMeadows
Course Information
Number 2
Normal Staff Ghost Nin★YuNya


Expert Staff Ghost Nin★Tkym


Other Information
Normal Ghost Character/Vehicle BoosterSeat-BabyDaisy
Expert Ghost Character/Vehicle BulletBike-BabyDaisy
Nitro Yes
Retro No

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