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Magikruiser image
Baby Mario on his Magikruiser
Size Small
Speed 43
Weight 23
Acceleration 56
Handling 67
Drift 21
Off-Road 67
Mini-Turbo 45
Unlocking Play 8 Courses on Time Trials

The Magikruiser is a small bike in Mario Kart Wii. It is unlocked by played eight Time Trial courses. It is in the shape of a Magikoopa, which is a wizard Koopa Troopa. The bike is somewhat fast, with small weight, but good acceleration, handling, and the best off-road in the game. The drift is quite low, depending on what character you are. The mini-turbo is average, and the back of the bike is a scepter for an engine exhaust. The hull of the bike is the cape of the Magikoopa.


Best character/vehicle combination is Toadette, based on her Off-Road bonus.

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