Honeycoupe image
Bowser in a Honeycoupe
Size Large
Speed 53
Weight 62
Acceleration 27
Handling 29
Drift 56
Off-Road 24
Mini-Turbo 56
Unlocking Beat 150cc Lightning Cup

The Honeycoupe is a large kart. It is strong in Speed, Weight, Drift and Mini-turbo, but rather weak on the other scales. It is used by Wario in DS Delfino Square as the Fast Staff Ghost. The Honeycoupe is in the shape and design of a regular sports car, such as a Porsche or Ferrari, hence the "Coupe" in "Honeycoupe." It is the third fastest kart, the first being the Jetsetter and the second being the Blue Falcon. Even though the kart lacks good handling, it has excellent drift, making sharp turns slightly easier in advance. It is unlocked by beating the 150cc Lightning Cup, and is only for heavy-weight characters, meaning it's only for King Boo, Dry Bowser, etc. The bike counterpart for this kart is the Shooting Star.

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