A Goomba

A Goomba from New Super Mario Bros.

Goomba is an antagonist in the Mario series. He is standard foot soldier of Bowser's army that patrol the vast land of Mushroom Kingdom in the Mario series. They walk in straight lines and try to stop Mario by hitting him. However, that's a really lame attack, and Mario can just toss a fireball or simply jump on one.

Goombas can also be found throughout the Mario Kart series as obstacles on tracks. They are first seen in Mario Kart: Super Circuit in the awards ceremony.

Mario Kart WiiEdit

Goomba on Mario Circuit

A Goomba marching on Mario Circuit.

Goombas make appearances throughout 3 tracks in Mario Kart Wii: Mushroom Gorge, Mario Circuit, and Koopa Cape. They just walk forward, and anyone who drives into one gets spun out.

If a Goomba is hit with a Green or Red Shell, it will squish him and produce a Mushroom. This makes them good targets to try and you don, cause it's really worth it.

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