Same Player GlitchEdit

Player 1 chooses a character who they both want to be (let's say Mario). Then player 1 deselects Mario and player 2 chooses Mario. Then player 2 deselects Mario and goes back one screen. Then go to the character selection screen and you will both be Mario.

Bad AnimationsEdit

After you have done the same player glitch, this glitch will happen. When player 2 changes karts or bikes, player 1's character will change position as if he was riding the same vehicle as player 2.

No VehicleEdit

After you done the same player glitch, and you finished a race, this glitch will happen. After the first race, when you go to the course selection screen, player 2 won't have a vehicle. But when you go to the next race, player 2 WILL have a kart.

Wifi GlitchEdit

If you disconnect your Wifi when you are in a Wifi race, you will win automatically. MAY NOT WORK. USE AT OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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