A modern Super Mario Coin.


A modern Super Mario Coin.

A Coin is a collectable Item that can be found in many of the Super Mario games. They are used for getting extra 1-Up Mushrooms, purchasing things, or simply for a high score.

In the Mario Kart series, Coins pop in and out of games; the first title, Super Mario Kart, gave them a role of raising a Kart's average speed. They return in after missing Mario Kart 64 to fulfill the same purpose. Mario Kart DS gives them a small role in its Mission Mode, and it wasn't until Mario Kart 7 that Coins once again were made to give speed (with the added bonuses of unlocking kart parts and short speed boosts that do almost nothing) (same as in Mario Kart 8).

Mario Kart WiiEdit

Dry Bowser playing Coin Runners

Dry Bowser with 4 Coins on DS Twilight House.

Only a minor appearance of Coins is made in Mario Kart Wii in the Battle Coin Battle. Coins, obviously (I mean, why would they use something else), are the main point of the match- whichever team, Red or Blue, has the most total wins. The Coins are spread all over the track, and they form stacks of ten in the player's inventory. Getting hit by an enemy Item will cause you to lose some, depending on your total amount. The more you have, the more you drop, which is really unfair...

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