Coconut Mall is the second course in Flower Cup. The course starts straight, but then splits into two escalators. When you go up, you may choose one of three paths. One on the left, on the right or one down the middle escalator. If you go on the right, there is a shortcut through the shop, but it requires a mushroom. After a while all the courses join again and there is a section with a fountain and more escalators. You can do tricks off of the plants. You then go into a room with more fountains. After that, you go into a room which resembles a bowling alley. You then may either go up the next flight of stairs or turn on the right. The paths join and proceed into the car park, where cars driven by Mii's go back and forth. If you avoid these, go around the corner onto the finish line. It is quite easy. Coconut Mall has amazing out of bounds glitches.

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