Toadette's Cheep Charger.

Cheep Charger
Cheep Charger image
Baby Mario in his Cheep Charger.
Size Small
Speed 4
Weight 4
Acceleration 8.5
Handling 8
Drift 7.5
Off-Road 6
Mini-Turbo 8
Unlocking Get at least a Star Rank or higher at all 50cc Retro Cups.

The Cheep Charger is a small kart in the game Mario Kart Wii. It is in the shape of a Cheep-Cheep. It's bike counterpart is the Quacker, which has the best acceleration in the game, the second best being the Cheep Charger. However, it is the lightest Kart in the Game, makes it easy to be pushed Off-Road. It doesn't excel in speed, but it highly excels in acceleration, handling, and drift. Mini-turbo is a high statistic as well. The only low stats are the speed and weight, which can be redeemed if you are using a fast character, such as Baby Peach or Toadette. Toad, with his high acceleration and drift bonuses, is the most commonly used character in this kart.

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